Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love is a Venom

Lonely lover,
Staring far out the window,
Sketchin her world,
Drawing her faith,
How her life could be,

Sun shines,
Burns itself merely to trigger her smile,
Wind blows,
Only to lighten her heart,
Sparrows’ chirp lively,
Kindly pampering her mind,
But there' nothing could be,
Can cure that chapped little heart.

Thinking of you,
Mad of you,
Where were you,
Owh! Love is venom,
Deeply stung her heart,
Ruin her sadness,
Shadows her emptiness,
Rinse her loneliness,
You are more than a goddess

Only when he's gone,
Rather painful than viper's touch
There's no day or night
When there's no you and I...

Only when we are far apart FAMA...=)

One response to “Love is a Venom”

lilo said...

bee venom? :p